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When is the best time to hire a customer service agent

[fa icon="calendar"] May 31, 2016 3:36:28 AM / by Alina Mazur

Alina Mazur

Every company LOVES bringing in new business. Remember the excitement of closing a deal, adding a new customer logo to your website, getting a big commission? It goes without saying: a lot of efforts go into winning a new client - but who takes care of your existing customers?

 When companies sell a product or a service to clients, they promise the sun, the moon and the starts to win them over. More than likely, an “award winning customer service” is also a part of the deal…but can you deliver?

 The Harvard study review shows that an existing customer spends an average of 67% more than a new customer and a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 85%. A lot of businesses have already discovered the value of loyal customers and are now placing a lot of focus on the customer service they provide.

 So why do you still love your existing customers less?


If you own a small company or a start up the chances are you are still managing all this workload by yourself. Your title must be: CEO / Sales Executive / Receptionist / Support Agent / Coffee maker.

So when is the best time to hire a customer service agent? If the job title above describes 3 of your daily roles, congratulations… the time has come to delegate some work to others.

 Here are few tips on where to begin:

  • Review how much of your time is spent on dealing with existing customer’s queries. This will help you figure out if the position should be full time or part time.
  • How quickly is your company growing? More customers = more resources.
  • Reach out to your existing customers - this can be a real eye opener. Find out how they feel about your customer service and what their expectations are.
  • Find out how your competitors look after their customers - aim to be better.
  • Be proud. Your customers have chosen you for a reason - now it’s your turn to make them stay.


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